Jesus "hints" at the Rapture.

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What has come to me about whether the rapture is mentioned before the mystery was revealed to Paul is the word mystery. Certainly this would indicate that the rapture had to have been talked about beforehand but wasn't understood, thus it was a mystery. If prophets of old or Jesus spoke of the rapture it may have perplexed the listeners because it wasn't explained and was left as a mystery until Jesus revealed that mystery to Paul because it was the right time to reveal it because he was appointing Paul as Apostle to the Gentiles and through him the church would spread to the Gentile nations and because the rapture would be the "blessed hope" of the church, it was proper timing for Jesus to reveal that mystery to Paul.
So revealing a mystery to me says that the rapture was spoken of before but was a mystery until it was revealed. In John 14:1-4 said Jesus was going to prepare a place for his disciples and would come back (to rapture them) to take them to be where was going. This had to be a mystery to his disciples not understanding how this would take place. Makes sense to me