Jerusalem warily eyes Putin’s Tehran visit - analysis


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Jerusalem warily eyes Putin’s Tehran visit - analysis
Tehran and Moscow are working together to circumvent the harsh sanctions. Once, Russia helped Iran on that front, now, it goes both ways.
Published: JULY 19, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran on Tuesday is not about Israel, but it comes amid tensions in Russian-Israeli relations. So a meeting with Iranian leaders, who call for Israel’s destruction, could exacerbate the tension.

Those tensions come against the background of the Ukraine war. Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who was foreign minister at the time, condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine within days, and Israel voted against Russia in the UN General Assembly. Israel has sent large quantities of humanitarian aid and some protective gear to Ukraine.

At the same time, then-prime minister Naftali Bennett was careful not to criticize Moscow directly, and Israel did not send any military aid to Kyiv, so as not to threaten the deconfliction mechanism that allows Israel to bomb Iranian targets in Syria, where there is a significant Russian Army presence.

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