Jerusalem feels like ghost town amid Gaza war


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Jerusalem feels like ghost town amid Gaza war
Jerusalem's normally-bustling streets grow dim as shops close and residents amid Israel's war against Hamas.
OCTOBER 11, 2023

Jerusalem, usually the bustling capital of Israel; with its tourists and pilgrims, bars and politicians, has become deserted amid the war in Gaza. Neighborhoods that are often full of life are still at night, no traffic and no children playing in playgrounds. The city has been targeted by Hamas rockets since Saturday. With schools canceled, children are at home. Many men have been called up to the IDF as its ranks swell by 300,000. This leaves a city that is not only quiet but waiting for what comes next.

In downtown Jerusalem, many shops are closed. Most restaurants and coffee shops for instance were closed on Tuesday. Pinati, the famous hummus place on King George Street was closed. The Aroma across the street was also closed. Although the Pharmacy was open, most other shops were shuttered. The lone place that was open was a place selling Shawarma. However, it was out of most of the salads that usually adorn the ‘laffa’ that the meat is rolled in.