Jenin camp braces for defending Gilboa Prison fugitive


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Jenin camp braces for defending Gilboa Prison fugitive
Escaped prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi will be protected by his family and friends in the Jenin Refugee Camp should he return there, as friends of his family hand out candy, in celebration of his escape.

If Zakaria Zubeidi, one of the six security prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison, returns to the Jenin Refugee Camp, Israel will never be able to capture him, masked gunmen and political activists said on Tuesday. “If Zakaria returns to his home in the camp, everyone here will protect him,” his uncle, Jamal, said as three masked gunmen belonging to the camp’s “monitor unit” set up a makeshift checkpoint at the entrance to the camp.

“The camp is the safest place for Zakaria to be in,” he added. “Look how many people are on the streets to stop the Israeli army from entering the camp.” As the uncle was speaking, the gunmen from the “monitor unit” spotted a suspicious black vehicle approaching them. One of the gunmen fired warning shots into the air, forcing the driver to make a quick U-turn and flee the area. “We thought these were undercover Israeli soldiers searching for Zakaria and the other prisoners,” explained one of the gunmen.