Jeffress: If Your Church Isn't Woke, IRS Wants You Broke

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Christian organizations in Canada are already starting to feel the pinch up here. Getting access to "summer job programs" they had to sign agreements on liberal values such as supporting abortion. There was still enough pushback that I think some of that let up but when my husband was guest preaching at our sister church one of their elders was talking about it from the front at one point. It's something we need to prepare for. I think avoiding all politics talk is a form of cowardice because the reality is that the church is going to have to face it at some point. Saying "our nation needs to turn back to God" is an inherently political statement. Serving Christ as King is political. It's why Statists hate Christians. We won't share Christ's godhead with them. I don't need a pastor rah-rahing over-the-top patriotism or saying which economic policy is best but when there are rules that directly effect us then yeah, some of that needs to be addressed.

All that to say, churches having financial contingency plans in case we lose tax-exempt status could be wise. That would include plans on how to provide for our pastors' families too. While my husband was still pastor we could declare his income for tax deductions as we were technically living on the charity of others. It allowed us to live on a smaller-than-average income. If that deduction changes will the congregations step up and make sure the pastor's family has food, shelter and clothes?
Some churches have a parsonage(s) for the Pastor(s), Vicar(s), and/or Sexton/Janitor to live in. The parsonage that was provided by the congregation at a church I used to belong to was a mobile home on the church grounds, so huge yard and lots of trees, and they didn't have to take care of it because the volunteers that took care of that stuff took care of it all. Also meant mileage and maintenance savings, and Pastor was handy to the church in case someone had an emergency without having to drive a ways in or have his home and family disturbed, and provided more privacy for the parishioner. Plus someone was "always" around, so the church was never really "unattended." When the church had to up security for awhile and always have one or two people specifically on the church grounds for security, it also meant Pastor and his family got extra protection :smile