Janette Oke Fans?


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Hi all,
I read Love Comes Softly a few years ago. Just finished When Calls the Heart and started When Comes the Spring. I like the stories, they are sweet and tender.
I must admit, though, this style of book is far out of my wheelhouse! I usually like thrillers, mysteries, mainstream literature. Not a big "romance" kind of reader, either. But I'm working on being less "worldly" and setting my mind on that which is Philippians 4:8....and her books really are such a bittersweet reminder of a different world. I know it was not perfect, and living was hard, but I definitely think I was born and had my babies in the wrong era! :)
Just started the TV Series What Calls the Heart on Netflix as well.

ETA: Actually, it was much safer to have my babies now, but I'd much prefer raising them back then!!!
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