Jane Fonda


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I seem to recall some years ago that Jane had become a born-again Christian. I seldom follow Hollyweird info, so I never followed up. Today I read part of her acceptance speech at Golden Globes wherein she referred to "... all of the great conduits of perception -- Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Laotzi -- all of them spoke to us in stories and poetry and metaphor."
Seems to me that reducing Christ to a conduit and lumping Him together with earthly spiritual leaders kinda says, no she probably wasn't born again.
My guess is there are many professing Christians of the same mindset.
Sad for them, joyful for me that He's soon to call me home.

Lady Di

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Jane seemed to have lost her "faith" almost immediately after her profession of it. It appears she fits in with the parable of the Sower. If you remember, Jesus spoke of seeds falling on four different kinds of soil. One was on stony ground. The seeds sprouted but then withered away because there was no depth. Looks like this is what happened here to Jane and others too.