Jack Van Impe not returning to television O.o

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Jack Van Impe is back on his show, and has been for probably almost a year. I was listening to him one night, and was surprised to hear he does not believe Once Saved Always Saved. I thought he did because his denomination is Baptist. What are your thoughts on Jack Van Impe? Here is the program where he is talking about OSAS. Scroll down till you see January 4, 2020. https://www.jvim.com/tv-program/
I watched him as a child several times, but when I learned some of what he believes I knew that he shouldn't be watched.
He always seemed strange to me as well as his wife.
I do not say this to offend anyone , but I'm usually really on the mark with that .
To not believe OSAS is a HUGE slap to the Lord.
Either you are saved or you are not.
There is no , "I use to be" saved.
If one is truly saved they should absolutely love Romans 8:37-39 (KJV).


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That is somewhat bizarre that he died today being this thread was recently bumped.
Exactly my thoughts. I watched him 2 weeks ago tonight, and I was disappointed on him not believing OSAS. So I put this back on the board to get your thoughts. My husband came in the living room and told me a pastor that we watched at one time passed away today. I did finally guess who it was. It is so ironic that I put this on the board yesterday at 12:35 A.M, and he passes away today!
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