I've been thrown a curve


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Last month I posted a thread asking about Texas. My son was planning to buy property and move there. He talked about wanting a 5 acre place so his 2 Mastiffs (which I refer to as the Hounds of the Baskervilles) would have a place to run. I was supposed to go with him. I've been sharing his house here for several years. I can't afford to live on my own on the little I get from Social Security. Monday through Thursday he lives in housing up at the dam where he works in the northern part of the state. Then he comes down for the weekend. I look after his house down here, do the yard work, collect his mail, keep squatters from moving in, and look after the 2 dogs when he takes vacation trips or during the weeks that he is sent to do special projects at a couple other dams in the state. It also gave me the comfort of knowing that if I died in my sleep it wouldn't take weeks or months for someone to find my body if they hadn't heard from me in awhile.

In the past week or so, his girlfriend, the real estate investor, bought a house in Texas. My son has suddenly informed me that he is selling this house and will be moving in with her. And there's no room for me. What happened to buying his own place? I can't believe he is now going to abandon me. He claims there is housing here in the state for low income people where you only pay a percentage of your income. Maybe so, but the waiting lists to get in one are over a year long. What am I supposed to do, put my stuff in storage and go live in a homeless camp?

My daughter doesn't have room for me. Five of her eight children still live with her. She made a passing comment about the cost of living, which gave me an idea. I did a search online for states with the highest to lowest cost of living. It turns out Washington ranks #8. I was surprised to see Oregon is #5. Idaho is #35, one state lower than Texas. So I am seriously considering Idaho. I did a search for the rankings there, and the least expensive places were in the southern part of the state. I would have preferred the north. I would actually like to see the state before I make any kind of decision.

So life has turned topsy turvy. For the first time in my life I would be utterly alone, far from family, no one to help me if I was sick or injured. No hugs. How will I live without hugs?

So, does anyone here know anything about Idaho?

Praying for your situation, Cloud Watcher. God is faithful.