Italian politician submits Netanyahu's name for Nobel Peace Prize

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An Italian politician from the far-right Northern League party has submitted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after Israel signed a landmark agreement with Gulf neighbors Bahrain and the UAE.

According to Israeli daily Maariv, Paolo Grimoldi nominated Netanyahu for the prestigious international award by citing his recent diplomatic achievements, which include signing the Abraham Accords at the White House on Tuesday and Jerusalem's efforts made towards Saudi Arabia.

"Among the many actions undertaken by Mr. Netanyahu, I will mention the three main ones which are very important for world peace: the peace agreement with the Emirates, the peace agreement with the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the development of 'a real in-depth dialogue with Saudi Arabia,'" Grimoldi reportedly said.

"All these efforts have led to the opening of Saudi airspace to Israeli planes. All these achievements were not conceivable a few months ago," he continued, adding "For that, Mr. Netanyahu deserves to be laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize."

Grimoldi also addressed urged other European lawmakers in Brussels to support Netanyahu's nomination for the Nobel Prize.

US President Donald Trump has also been nominated for the award, the first time by a Norwegian MP for the Abraham Accords, and a second time by a Swedish MP for the "economic normalization" agreement between the Serbia and Kosovo.