'It Begins': NY Fed and Major Banks Make Concerning Announcement


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Pretend that all your “money” is being stored as a digital currency. Now imagine that the government institutes a vaccine mandate but you refuse to abide by it. In a CBDC-centered society, the government could simply disable your digital “money” until you comply. Something similar happened in Canada last year, albeit with just regular bank accounts for the time being.

“In an attempt to squash the voices of those who disagree with his preferred policies, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of protesters. The widespread use of a CBDC would increase the ability of petty tyrants to control the finances of their citizens and silence voices of dissent,” The Hill notes.

And so, just to be clear, the government can already silence dissidents by disabling bank accounts. A CBDC would only further simplify the process.


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This scam actually plays right into the hands of the globalist. It is the best argument yet to “need” government involvement and control.
SCAM a good word the need's of government.
This I believe sums it up..
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What happens when the power goes out?
I thought of that and I'm sure "they" thought of that as well and have some sort of fail plan in the works.
Just a thought here, "they" the Globalist/Luciferians, may already have a new form of "power " that isn't dependent on present sources.
They just haven't unveiled it yet, not that they will reveal their "source".