Israel's political crisis ends: Ra'am returns to coalition


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Israel's political crisis ends: Ra'am returns to coalition
Ra'am head Mansour Abbas said that the decision to remain in the coalition was made to provide solutions for Arab citizens.
Published: MAY 11, 2022

Ra’am (United Arab List) head Mansour Abbas announced at a Knesset press conference on Wednesday that his party would end the freeze on its membership in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's coalition and resume backing the coalition. Abbas froze the party's membership in the coalition last month following police activity on the Temple Mount near al-Aqsa Mosque. He unfroze it after negotiations and new agreements were reached with Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

“We reached understandings for the betterment of Arab society and Israelis in general,” he said. “We decided to come back and give an opportunity for the coalition agreements to be implemented.” Abbas blasted the rival Arab Joint List party for being willing to vote to dissolve the Knesset and initiate an election that could be won by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu. He said Ra’am joined the government to help improve the lives of Israeli Arabs on issues like housing and fighting crime.