Israel's new government faces a crisis of legitimacy


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Israel's new government faces a crisis of legitimacy
Ken’s Thought of the Week: Israel's new government is unlikely to address crucial issues. Here is what Bennett can do to improve things. Op-ed.
Kenneth Abramowitz , Aug 10 , 2021

Israel’s new government, led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, faces a crisis of legitimacy on multiple levels:

1) In Israel’s parliamentary democracy, Bennett became Prime Minister with a 61-member coalition (the slimmest majority possible in the 120 seat parliament). There were only seven members of his Yamina party in the coalition, and no participants from Likud, Israel’s largest party. Some suspect that one or two seats were pinched by the Left during the long night of the last election.

2) Though Yamina voters support a right-wing agenda, Bennett betrayed them by creating a left-wing government.

3) Israel is a right-wing country, but is now governed by a left-wing government.