Israel's gas field could be whopping 40% larger than first thought


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You can bet your bottom dollar that Putin will be using the truce exactly as stated, to advance Russian nat'l interests in the region. They only invaded Syria after Bibi turned them down when they "offered" to "help" Israel develop those fields. Bibi says NO thanks, and next thing you know Russia took over Syria and moved in complete with weapons that they DON"T need to take out ISIS but DO need to fight advanced air force like what Israel has.

The truce is only in place because Russia needs a breather, they can't afford to keep waging war with oil prices so low that it's hurting their ability to fight. But that is a common Russian strategy, closely related to their strategic retreats that did in Napoleon and Hitler. Pull back, force the enemy to use their resources. In this case, call a truce, wait till the economic crisis isn't so painful, but in the meanwhile keep moving the army and air forces INTO Syria and put up strategic buildings and centers so that when an invasion starts it can go ahead with LIGHTENING SPEED!

The element of surprise then works in Putins favour as it did with his takeover in the Crimea. By the time anyone in the West noticed, it was all over and it was too "expensive" for the West to go in and rout them out.

This is the same strategy only this time instead of buildup on Crimea's borders, it's in Syria, and this objective is those gas fields, not Crimea.


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Nato ought to be building up troops in Syria in response to Russia's activities but our politicos are too busy sitting on their hands. (Cold hands are a nuisance after all. :p )