Israel's fragile coalition is drifting from one crisis to another


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Israel's fragile coalition is drifting from one crisis to another
POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Naftali Bennett’s coalition fixed its Ra’am problem, but new significant woes are on the way.
Published: MAY 13, 2022

A political cartoon in Maariv this week portrayed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett swimming in shark-filled waters. In the cartoon, Bennett says in English “So far so good...,” but he does not see that there are more than a dozen sharks trailing him behind his back. The cartoon accurately illustrated where Bennett’s government stands right now, after resolving its coalition crisis with the Ra’am (United Arab List) Party. That crisis was a reminder of how difficult it is to survive with a slim majority in the Knesset of 60 to 59 on a good day. It also demonstrated how sensitive the coalition is to any issue that could provoke controversy.

Mansour Abbas leading Ra’am into the coalition was celebrated worldwide as a historic breakthrough for Israel. Along with the Abraham Accords, an Arab party joining the coalition was seen internationally as Israel successfully entering a new era of mutually beneficial strategic cooperation with the Arab world despite the conflict with the Palestinians remaining unresolved.