Israel's doctrine: Make Syrian airports pay for hosting Iran - analysis


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Israel's doctrine: Make Syrian airports pay for hosting Iran - analysis
Two strikes in a row on the Aleppo airport also illustrate that Syria cannot defend its airspace against the strikes.
Published: SEPTEMBER 8, 2022

Aleppo International Airport was damaged in an airstrike on September 6. Syrian regime media has blamed Israel for airstrikes in Syria over the last month and Iranian media has reported on the airstrikes. According to satellite images from ImageSat International, the runway of the airport appears out of service. The report notes that according to media reports the “airport is used by Iran to transport weapons to Hezbollah….ISI assessment: The attack was aimed to get the runway and the airport out of service.”

The incident at the airport follows another airstrike in the same area. On September 2, The Jerusalem Post reported that the runway at Aleppo’s International Airport has been repaired and likely returned to service, just days after it was targeted in an alleged Israeli airstrike, according to an assessment by Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International (ISI). Syria had accused Israel of that airstrike. The VOR (radio navigation system) south of the runway was also damaged in the strike. The system is used to help aircraft stay on course as they approach for landing.