Israel's 2nd astronaut to launch Friday on mission to ISS


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Israel's 2nd astronaut to launch Friday on mission to ISS
Eitan Stibbe's long-awaited Rakia mission, flying as part of the Axiom mission 1, will see 35 experiments conducted on the International Space Station.
Published: APRIL 4, 2022

After several delays, Israel’s second astronaut, Eitan Stibbe, is set to take off for the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday for the long-awaited Rakia mission. The mission, led by Israel’s Science and Technology Ministry and the Ramon Foundation, selected 35 different experiments for Stibbe to undertake during his 10-day stay in orbit. The experiments cover a wide variety of different fields of study, including testing or demonstrating the viability of certain technologies, observing scientific phenomena, studying mechanisms of theorized concepts and groundbreaking tests on food and agriculture. Stibbe will also bring other items with him that are not related to the mission. They include a scale model of the World Peace Bell, an ancient coin dating back to the time of the Bar-Kochba Revolt and a children’s story, Beauty of the World, written and illustrated by Paul Korr, which Stibbe will read for children while he is in space.