Israeli Supreme Court to Decide Whether It Should Have Absolute Power


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Israeli Supreme Court to Decide Whether It Should Have Absolute Power
That’s how you know it has too much power.
By Daniel Greenfield

That’s how you know it has too much power.

Despite threats of civil war, a strike by major corporations and a medical association and every lie the leftist media could trot out, the Israeli parliament passed a law stating that the Supreme Court’s leftist judicial activists couldn’t overrule the government because it decided that the government was “unreasonable”.

The Israeli Supreme Court is a worst-case scenario authoritarian institution which self-selects its members and claims the absolute power to intervene in any case and override any decision by the other branches. It claims the power to take cases without any standing and has eradicated any checks and balances.

Leftists and assorted useful idiots have spent much of the year screaming that the Supreme Court, which exists only to suppress democracy, is the bulwark of democracy and that its power must be unlimited.

After the parliament passed the ‘unreasonableness’ law, the Supreme Court decided to rule as to whether it has unlimited power.

Israel’s Supreme Court has decided to hear petitions against the “reasonableness law” that the Knesset enacted this week, with a court date set for September, according to the NGO Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

This is beyond parody.

Democratically elected officials pass a law reducing the total power of an unelected and lawless branch of the government, and it decides that it will be the one to decide if it’s going to give up any of its power.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel would enter “uncharted territory” if the High Court of Justice struck down the Knesset’s passage of the first leg of his government’s judicial reform plan.

“We will go into unchartered territory, and I would like to believe that they would not do that,” Netanyahu said in an interview with CNN on Thursday, the latest in a series of at least three interviews he gave to major US news outlets.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Netanyahu if he would abide by a Supreme Court decision to dismiss the Knesset’s passage of that law as illegal.

“I hope we do not get to that,” Netanyahu said, as he refused to confirm if he would respect such a court decision, stating instead that Israeli would enter “uncharted territory and I would like to believe that they [the court] won’t do that.”

How about asking if the court will abide by the laws passed by a democratically elected legislature? But we already know the answer.

That’s why judicial reform is desperately needed.

The Left has used its institutional power, including in the courts, to block democratic change and nullify the power of Israel’s growing Middle Eastern, Russian, and Orthodox Jewish populations. It’s not a legal institution, but a mafia that represents a very specific set of interests, and answers only to itself.

The rioters fighting democracy claim to be doing so in the name of democracy. They’re not defending democracy, they’re waging war against it.