Israeli Defense Minister Gantz heads to Turkey to renew defense ties


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Israeli Defense Minister Gantz heads to Turkey to renew defense ties
A senior security official denies that any deals are set to be signed and says the Israeli visit to Turkey is to build trust.
Published: OCTOBER 26, 2022

Defense Minister Benny Gantz took off to Turkey on Wednesday, as the two countries are poised to establish stronger military ties with the aim of strengthening regional security and stability. The visit, the first by an Israeli defense minister in over a decade, comes just days before the election. Gantz will meet with his counterpart Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and be welcomed by an honor guard in Ankara. A senior security official told journalists that it is a “historic visit” that will focus on the building of trust between the two officials.



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Benny Gantz goes to Turkey to renew defense ties, while Lapid signs a deal with Lebanon, giving away a HUGE chunk of Israeli maritime territory and the gas it contains. Biden called personally to congratulate Lapid on that one.

The coalition that included Naftali Bennett as the PM of Israel till Bennett stepped down as well as the various Arab groups under the Joint List. A group of Arabs dedicated to the destruction of Israel. An unlikely coalition of the Left, mid left, the right that followed Bennett and the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Arab politicians in the Joint list.

Poor Israel.

This just reminds me that in the Gog Magog invasion (Turkey is a main player with Russia and Iran) Israel is unsuspecting of any pending attack. This bunch believes in the 2 State solution which rests on the concept that if tiny Israel gives enough of her small parcel of land away to the HUGE group of Arabs and other Muslim nations around her like Lebanon, Turkey and most of all the home grown so called Palestinians who moved to Israel when the Jews started to come back in, that all would be peaceful, all would be well.

It's looking like Lapid's coalition is poised to win now. The right wing in Israel is still fractured and stabbing each other in the back.

I'm sure Gantz's visit is "historic" like he claims. Just not quite how he'd like when the results of making alliances with an enemy like Turkey are clear as they will be at some point.