Israel works to build int’l support for operation


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Israel works to build int’l support for operation
Israel’s ambassadors are trying to cut through the Hamas narrative that Israeli actions, especially in Jerusalem, are to blame.
MAY 13, 2021

The Foreign Ministry had a positive view on world responses to Operation Guardians of the Walls, as it worked to preserve Israel’s international legitimacy to continue fighting against Hamas. The assessment came a day after a security cabinet source said that Israel has not faced significant pressure to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas. Several senior Israeli sources have said in recent days that the US is not pushing for a ceasefire. “The fact that most of the international community supports Israel’s stance of defending itself is a result of [ambassadors’] extensive and important diplomatic activities since the events broke out, and the conversations I had with dozens of Foreign Ministers around the world,” Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said on Thursday.



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Just watching the IDF, Israel Defense Forces page on Twitter, you can see they are trying to explain that they are being careful, giving warnings to vacate buildings or areas and really trying to keep unintended persons from being harmed. But many don't take the time to see both sides and the palestinian sympathizer, smear Israel campaign is running at full steam.