Israel, US issue veiled warnings to Iran


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Israel, US issue veiled warnings to Iran
Biden told Rivlin I “directed last night’s air strikes, targeting sites used by Iranian-backed militia groups responsible for recent attacks on US personnel in Iraq.”
JUNE 30, 2021

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the US issued veiled threats against Iran on Wednesday from Jerusalem and New York. “The State of Israel will always defend itself, by itself, against any external threat,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at a special memorial ceremony for the founder of political Zionism Theodor Herzl, at the military cemetery in Jerusalem named in his honor. “Israel won’t let its hands be tied when it comes to ensuring our security. We will act firmly, creatively and continuously, in the face of emerging threats, both from near and far,” Bennett added.

It was a line that hinted at potential Israeli reaction to Iran, which threatens Israel from its own territory and from its proxy forces on Israel’s borders, particularly in Syria and Lebanon. It was similar in tone and style to statements issued against Iran by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bennett spoke as the United Nations Security Council in New York debated Iranian compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, signed between Tehran and six powers; the US, Russia, China, France, Great Britain and Germany. The deal was designed to curb Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for the suspension of international sanctions against Iran.