Israel to sell natural gas to Europe, other hooks in their jaws


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A potential source of spoil for Russia and others to be jealous of is coming to fruition.

However, I'm not sure that Russia will be all that affected by the loss of business with Europe, unless China's economy collapses and their demand for oil drops. Even if that does happen, will taking Israel's gas help Russia? Europe likely still won't buy Russia's oil.

Perhaps more likely is that Solomon's treasures are discovered. There's been lots of rumors created by instructions given on the Copper Scroll from Qumran that there are massive buried treasures within the Qumran complex. If Russia ends up getting tapped out in a war of attrition with Ukraine, then a defeat of Israel's neighbors that gives Israel full control of Qumran and the subsequent unearthing of the treasures could prompt Russia and some Muslim allies to take the treasures, whether because they want to gain wealth or to erase Israel's claim to it. After all, Ezekiel 38:13 mentions the nations standing aside asking if Israel's enemies are coming for silver and gold.