Israel to lend PA 500 million shekels


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Israel to lend PA 500 million shekels
Minister Benny Gantz announces numerous steps to strengthen PA following meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Aug 30 , 2021
Bennett, Abbas, and Gantz.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has decided to take a number of steps to strengthen the Palestinian Authority following his meeting with PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday night. The government among other things, to lend the Palestinian Authority half a billion shekels($155 million), which will be repaid from the June 2022 tax money Israel collects on behalf of the PA, with the approval of Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman. In addition, Israel will increase employment permits by 15,000 workers, add 1,000 workers in the tourism industry and issue building permits in Area C.

Israel will also begin determining the humanitarian status of thousands of Palestinian Arabs living without documentation in Judea and Samaria today, including people who came from the Gaza Strip years ago, and visitors who came from abroad and married at an older age. Gantz told military reporters today that "I came to the meeting to build trust and preserve the interests of the State of Israel and our important ties with the Palestinian Authority, which I believe need to be strengthened."

"I told Abu Mazen (Abbas) and I also tell you that neither we nor the Palestinians are going anywhere tomorrow morning," he said. "The stronger the Palestinian Authority, the weaker Hamas will be, and the more governance it will have, the more security there will be and we will have to act less."