Israel to discuss military readiness against Iran with US - Gantz


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Israel to discuss military readiness against Iran with US - Gantz
“The international community, with US leadership, has an opportunity to act against Iran’s hegemonic aspirations, restore stability, and prevent the oppression of nations across the region" - Gantz.
Published: DECEMBER 9, 2021

US and Israeli military leaders voiced strong concern at a Pentagon meeting about Iran’s nuclear advances on Thursday, with Israel expressing a goal of deepening dialog on joint military readiness to be able to halt Iran’s regional aggression and nuclear aspirations. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said ahead of meeting with visiting Defense Minister Benny Gantz that he was deeply concerned about Iran’s lack of constructive diplomatic engagement and cautioned that President Joe Biden was “prepared to turn to other options” if the current American policy on Iran fails.

Reuters, citing a senior US official, exclusively reported that Thursday’s US-Israeli agenda was expected to include discussions about possible military exercises that would prepare for a worst-case scenario to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities should diplomacy fail and if their nations’ leaders request it. The scheduled US talks with visiting Gantz follow an October 25 briefing by Pentagon leaders to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the full set of military options available to ensure that Iran would not be able to produce a nuclear weapon, a US official said on Wednesday, speaking on condition of anonymity.