Israel should not attack nuclear Iran alone, but should join a NATO 2.0


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Israel should not attack nuclear Iran alone, but should join a NATO 2.0 - opinion
An emboldened nuclear Iran would increase its involvement in terrorism and subversive activity across the globe.
Published: JANUARY 16, 2022 20:09

In July 2009, six months after president Barack Obama was elected, I was invited to the White House by a senior US official. He asked for my opinion regarding the possibility of an Israeli airstrike on Iran. The specific question was how Israel should respond in the event it was provided a “yellow light” to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

After making clear that I neither represent nor could speak on behalf of the Israeli government, I shared my view with my host. “Even if the US gave Israel a green light to attack Iranian nuclear facilities,” I said, “it should refrain from doing so.”

My host was taken aback by my response. I elaborated on the complexities of an aerial strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, which would require a simultaneous attack on multiple underground fortified targets. While an Israeli airstrike may damage these facilities, perhaps even significantly, it would still be unlikely to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Moreover, I argued, immediately following an Israeli attack Iran would accelerate its race to acquire the bomb, claiming it to be essential given that it was under Israeli attack.