Israel Says No Gaza Ceasefire Deal


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Israel Says No Gaza Ceasefire Deal

Foreign media reports that Egypt has successfully brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas are untrue, government officials told Israeli media Thursday afternoon.

Israel had agreed to a five-hour humanitarian truce beginning Thursday morning. During that time, senior Israeli officials traveled to Cairo to take part in ceasefire talks. Jerusalem had already accepted an Egyptian truce proposal earlier in the week, but Hamas rejected the motion.

Israel Says No Gaza Ceasefire Deal - Israel Today | Israel News

Ceasefire? Yes. Ceasefire? No. Temporary ceasefire? Yes. Yes, no, yes, no, yes? Hamas is absolutely not going to entice Israel into going along with their asinine conditions for a truce, even with the hapless Netanyahu in charge. Israel's actions are, and will continue to be, driven by Liberman, imvho, at least so far as Gaza is concerned. Netanyahu is beholden to him to keep the coalition intact. If Liberman pulled out, then it would likely be "curtains" for Netanyahu. We'll see what happens.