Israel said to warn CIA chief that new Iranian president is mentally disturbed


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Israel said to warn CIA chief that new Iranian president is mentally disturbed
William Burns visits Israel for talks focused on Iran; reportedly given dossier describing Ebrahim Raisi as a demented extremist who can’t be negotiated with
By TOI staff and AFP

Israel hosted US Central Intelligence Agency chief William Burns Tuesday for talks focused on Iran, with Jerusalem reportedly attempting to snooker any American rapprochement with Tehran by presenting Iran’s new president as a deranged misfit. Officials gave no details of the agenda for the CIA chief’s talks in Israel, but the Walla news site reported that Burns planned to meet with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Mossad spy agency head David Barnea and other senior intelligence figures.

During the meeting with Barnea, Mossad official presented Burns with information intended to show Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi as untrustworthy and incapable of negotiating a new nuclear deal or sticking to his commitments, Channel 12 news reported. According to the channel, Barnea gave Burns a dossier on Raisi that portrayed him as exceptionally extreme, cruel, corrupt and unstable. “The Mossad described him as someone with mental disturbances,” the channel claimed in the unsourced report.



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So far I'm not impressed with the new Israeli administration. We all know Iran's leaders are a few fries short of a happy meal, and that they love nothing more than mass murder on as big a scale as they can manage. Soon to be nuclear mass murder if they have their way! Tell us something that really matters!

But so far, the only thing the 3 stooges that are currently running Israel (Lapid, Gantz and Bennett) have managed is to complain politely to the USA and the UN. I suppose they hope the world will fall into their arms with love because they are not Netanyahu and defend them. While history should inform them that anti semitism and anti Israel hatred is world wide and always a danger to Israel.

This little band of leaders from Israel promised NOT to attack Iran without warning their allies first, and they have had to scale back their attacks on Iran's beachheads in Syria because Putin preferred dealing with Netanyahu and said so loudly as this team stabbed Bibi in the back.

Moaning about the mental deficiencies of the new Iranian President is not what I'd call an effective defense strategy.

Nor is telling the world (and Iran) that the element of surprise attacks on Iran is gone, and in fact permission to attack needs to be granted by America and quite possibly the UN and maybe even Russia before Israel is able to do ANYTHING

Meanwhile Biden has given Iran another cash bonus by releasing frozen funds Iran held over in Japan and South Korea. That took some doing to get those bank accounts frozen and now, POOOF it's all gone.

Stumbling into the future, setting up the situation for Ezek 38.

A little hard to watch for those of us who truly do love Israel and pray for her.