Israel quietly letting Jews pray on Temple Mount, in break with status quo — TV


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Israel quietly letting Jews pray on Temple Mount, in break with status quo — TV
Network airs footage of daily sessions being held in the compound, with police turning a blind eye, in what would appear to be a reversal of decades-long policy
By TOI staff
17 July 2021

Israel has quietly started allowing Jewish prayers on the Temple Mount in recent months, in what would appear to be a major change to the status quo that has existed at the holy site since the Jewish state captured the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan during 1967’s Six Day War, according to a report Saturday. Channel 12’s religious affairs reporter Yair Cherki filmed prayers at the site in recent days, as policemen — who in the past would eject any person suspected of prayer, and sometimes kicked people out for merely citing a biblical verse while speaking — passively looked on.

“For months now, every morning this unofficial prayer quorum has been praying on the Temple Mount,” Cherki said. The worshipers gather without prayer books, tefillin or any other symbols of prayer that could draw unwanted attention from Muslims at the compound that houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque. But pray they do, with the cops turning a blind eye. The Islamic Waqf, which administers the compound, is aware of the situation and monitors them from a distance, but has so far not taken action, according to the report. Cherki described the developments as “a revolution, unfolding quietly and gradually under the radar.”



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Peace that passes all understanding.
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