Israel population rises to almost 9.25 million, statistics authority reports

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Israel's population has reached 9,246,000, adding more than 150,000 people since the previous Jewish New Year, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Wednesday.

While 44,000 Israelis died over the period, about 170,000 births were registered, and about 25,000 immigrants joined Israeli society -- mostly under the Law of Return, which entitles people with Jewish roots to Israeli citizenship.

According to the stats authority, the figure represents an increase of some 1.6 percent against the previous one-year period.

The population growth is lower than that reported last year though, when it stood at 2.1 percent.

Immigration also saw a significant drop, declining by about 13,000 against the 38,000 new arrivals reported in the previous period.

The COVID-19 pandemic could bear part of the blame for that, with Israel Hayom reporting earlier that while aliyah -- repatriation -- applications were on the rise, the pandemic and border closures around the work beefed up the red tape associated with the process.

According to Wednesday's report, Jews account for some 74 percent of Israel's population, Arabs make up about 21 percent, and the rest belong to various other groups. The ratio has not seen any major changes from the previous period.


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so as my mother was Jewish and I did spend some time in a synagogue as a youngster with my grandfather ....... so I guess that means I could get Israelie citizenship to bolster the numbers next year? ........ though prefer a heavenly citizenship eh!