Israel Katz aims to block Yossi Cohen from joining Likud


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Israel Katz aims to block Yossi Cohen from joining Likud
"Do you think if Yossi Cohen comes, they won't authorize him?" a Likud official said. "The party won't say no to a game-changer."

Benjamin Netanyahu famously declared in August 2019 that then-Mossad chief Yossi Cohen was fit to be his successor as prime minister. But now Netanyahu’s own Likud Party is making it harder for Cohen to join. Likud MK Israel Katz, who heads the party’s governing secretariat, said he would not shorten the 16-month membership requirement for candidates to run with the party.

“By me, there won’t be more candidates,” Katz told Israel Hayom. “Whoever wants to run should come now, when we are in the opposition. I won’t shorten the minimum membership requirement for anyone.” By law, Cohen faces a mandatory cooling-off period for former IDF generals and heads of intelligence agencies to run for Knesset that would only end in June 2024 or in two more elections. But the law would not bar Cohen from already joining the Likud or serving as a minister on the party’s behalf if it returns to power.