Israel joins the quantum computing club


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Israel joins the quantum computing club
Weizmann institute push runs parallel to government initiatives.
Published: MARCH 22, 2022

It is not yet the game-changing quantum computer that the world is racing toward, but Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science on Tuesday did join the elite club of those who have built smaller size quantum computers, one of only 30 such machines in the world. In mid-February, the Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Research and Development (MAFAT) and the Innovation Authority announced that they will invest around NIS 200 million toward building Israel’s first quantum computer.

“A quantum computation capability will provide the technological infrastructure for an Israeli eco-system that will be a leader in future developments in the security, economic, technological, engineering and scientific arenas,” a statement said at the time. How is it that Weizmann has succeeded at building such a computer only a month later when the government statement indicated their effort could take years?