Israel elections: Knesset dispersal bill passes first reading


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Israel elections: Knesset dispersal bill passes first reading
The opposition and coalition still have not reached agreement on over 20 pending bills in the plenum.
Published: JUNE 27, 2022

The Knesset will disperse by Wednesday at midnight, as coalition and opposition representatives reached an agreement late Monday night after a long day of political haggling. The details of the agreement remain to be seen. The Knesset Committee late on Monday unanimously passed the Knesset dispersal bill in its first reading. A few moments later, the bill also passed in the Knesset plenum.

Negotiations between the coalition and opposition dragged on throughout the day, as the sides negotiated which bills the two sides would agree to pass before the Knesset disbanded. They eventually decided to pass two laws that they both agreed on, but at press time had not reached an agreement on the rest of the over 20 bills that are ready for their final reading.

The first bill that passed doubled the budget for the Disabilities Administration, which is part of the Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry. The second was a bill to compensate businesses that suffered financially during the Omicron corona wave.