Israel demands answers for Dutch FM's Al-Haq's visit


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Israel demands answers for Dutch FM's Al-Haq's visit
Hoekstra pushed back at Israel's designation of the Palestinian NGO Al-Haq as a terror organization by meeting with the group in Ramallah.
Published: MAY 19, 2022

Israel has asked the Netherlands to justify Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra’s Ramallah visit with the Palestinian NGO Al-Haq, an IDF-designated terrorist group. “Ambassador [Han] Docter would be pleased to reaffirm the Dutch position during the regular meeting with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” the Foreign Ministry at The Hague stated on Thursday. Hoekstra’s introductory one-day trip to Jerusalem and Ramallah, his first since taking office in January, was designed to help tighten Dutch ties with Israelis and Palestinians.

The Al-Haq visit, however, overshadowed the trip, creating a contentious diplomatic situation between two otherwise strong allies. The upcoming Foreign Ministry meeting with Docter was characterized as a summons, whereas The Hague downplayed it as a regularly scheduled event. It said that “Docter was not summoned,” but rather planned to go to the ministry for a prearranged meeting that he himself had requested to discuss support to Israeli and Palestinian NGOs.