Israel complied with int’l law in Gaza war against Hamas – JINSA


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Israel complied with int’l law in Gaza war against Hamas – JINSA
The IDF failed to overcome the Palestinian disinformation campaign during the conflict.
OCTOBER 28, 2021

The IDF complied with the law of armed conflict and “consistently implemented precautions to mitigate civilian risk,” during the May 10-21 Gaza War, a Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) said in a report released on Thursday. In addition, the report found that despite accusations from human rights groups that Israel violated international law, some Israeli precautions actually exceeded “those implemented in recent US combat operations that we participated in, despite confronting an adversary that often sought to exacerbate that risk deliberately,” the report said.

The authors included about a dozen senior and retired US military officers who traveled to Israel to examine the actions of both sides, and included: Lt.-Gen. Robert Ashley, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt.-Gen. John M. Bednarek, former senior defense official in Iraq, Lt.-Col. Geoffrey S. Corn, the former chief international lawyer for US Army Europe and others. Although the report found the IDF’s conduct of the war complied with international law, it also found “a significant gap between this reality of IDF LOAC [Law of Armed Conflict] compliance, and of Hamas’s violation of it, and the public’s perception. Israel’s messaging efforts were unable to close this gap.”