Israel claims responsibility for assassination of IRGC officer - report


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Israel claims responsibility for assassination of IRGC officer - report
Israel claimed the Quds Force officer was deputy commander of Unit 840, responsible for terror operations against Israeli targets.
Published: MAY 26, 2022

Israel has informed the United States it was responsible for assassinating an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps' Quds Force officer in Tehran on Sunday, The New York Times reported. In a briefing with American officials, Israel confirmed reports that Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodayari, who was shot dead in a vehicle, was deputy commander of the Quds Force's Unit 840, a secretive unit responsible for terrorist operations against Israeli and Western targets outside of Iran.

Israel reportedly intended to send a warning to the Islamic Republic to halt the operations of the IRGC's terrorist unit whose existence has never been confirmed by Iran. According to Iran International, Khodayari was tasked with planning and executing strikes on Israeli citizens in Europe, Africa and mainly in eastern Asia, including the 2012 Bangkok bombing. He was also in charge of recruiting civilians in several countries to commit attacks against Israelis.

As per NYT, Israeli officials claimed the killed officer was head of Unit 840's Middle East operations, as well as in nations bordering Iran. They also noted that Khodayari was involved in attacks against Israelis, Europeans and Americans in South America, Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus.