Israel Air force striking Gaza in response to sniper fire

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    Israel Air force striking Gaza in response to sniper fire
    Reports said that the IAF has struck at least two targets in Gaza, one in the southern part and in the center.
    January 22, 2019

    The Israel Air Force attacked terror targets in Gaza on Tuesday night as a response to the shooting attack against Israeli forces, the IDF reported. Palestinian sources reported that there was a failed rocket launch at Israel, falling into the Gaza Strip. In addition, the same report claimed that the IDF is using especially forceful precision missiles.

    According to several media reports, at least two Hamas bases were being targeted in the air strikes. One Hamas member was reportedly killed, while four others were wounded. Earlier today, the IDF destroyed a Hamas post after a sniper bullet injured one IDF soldier lightly, hitting his helmet. The IDF continues to strike terror targets.
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    Really do wish they'd go in and take over for the sake of those Israelis on the Gaza border.

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