Israel Air Force closes the 139th Air Defense Battalion


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Israel Air Force closes the 139th Air Defense Battalion
The 139th Battalion used the Patriot battery to defend Israeli skies.
Published: JANUARY 27, 2022

The Israel Air Force has closed the 139th Air Defense Battalion that operates the Patriot missile-defense system as the corps continues to streamline the force. Though Israel does not usually say how many missile defense batteries it has, the IAF is believed to have at least four “Yahalom” MIM-104D batteries that are used to protect the country from incoming aerial threats. Speaking at the closing ceremony, the commander of the IAF Air Defense Array, Brig.-Gen. Gilad Biran, said the battalion defended Israeli skies during various wars and operations since its inception. “The Middle East is changing, new threats are taking shape. Everywhere in the region, various types of aerial platforms are used to damage significant state assets. The idea of the Patriot system for our country’s national security is great, clear and obvious.”