Israel agrees to update US about China trade to avoid tension


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Israel agrees to update US about China trade to avoid tension
The Biden administration, like the Trump administration before it, has expressed major security concerns about Chinese investments in Israel in 5G Internet infrastructure and transportation.
Published: JANUARY 3, 2022

Israel’s continued balancing act between its strategic relationship with the US and its economic relationship with China, its third-largest trade partner, is set to be one of its major foreign-policy challenges in 2022. The security cabinet has been engaged in discussions about Israel’s next steps, amid an increasingly tense superpower competition between Washington and Beijing and continuing concern in the US about Chinese involvement in the Middle East. The Defense, Public Security and Foreign ministries have also been involved in the discussions.

Israel is on the American side if it has to choose a side and won’t fight with Washington over China, a senior diplomatic official said Monday, but it would prefer to stay under the radar so it does not lose business and investments from China. In light of US warnings that Chinese investments could cause security breaches, Jerusalem has agreed in recent months to update Washington about any major deals with Beijing, especially in infrastructure and technology. Israel would reconsider any such deals at America’s request, a senior diplomatic official said Monday.