Isaiah 17 – An Oracle Concerning Damascus


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I can't help but think what our pastor said this past Sunday, about the current situation in the Middle East, which was that it's not only a physical battle , it is also a spiritual battle being fought in the spiritual realm(think of Daniel's "prince of Persia(?)", Ezekiel's Prince of Tyre, etc.
The thing we need to remeber is that God is in control, no matter what physical or spiritual forces try to do against His beloved people of Israel.


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What disturbs me is the outrageous silence, the indifference, of the world about the vile evil that has occurred to the people of Israel. During ww2, the media tried to suppress the horrors of the holocaust because they didn’t want to join the war (please correct me if i’m wrong). But when we saw it, we couldn’t stand by or be silent. How times have changed!

I hate how fast the media picked up the lies wholesale and turned on Israel.

Praying for Israel. I don't know where we are at prophetically till the dust settles on this war and we see it in the rear view but one thing I am sure of is that even if this is just stage setting for the next event, it has got to be disturbing the people of God to pray for Israel, and disturbing the Jews to start turning their hearts towards their Messiah at some point.


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But I don’t understand what he meant by zionist project
Think "Zionist Project" just means Israel being back there in **their** land since 1948, 75 years ago.

No one is going to "wipe Israel off the earth", God won't allow that. If Israel went Samson option, they would also certainly be nuked, and their country is tiny. Samson also died with the Philistines when he brought the house down. Believe God is going to restrain that.