Is Turkey reconciliation gaining support in Israel? - analysis


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Is Turkey reconciliation gaining support in Israel? - analysis
If Turkey really is a potential partner with Israel against Iran, how come Turkey adores Iran’s leadership and never opposes Iran?
Published: JANUARY 30, 2022

Israel-Turkey relations have been reduced to their worst point in history over the last decade because of the actions of Turkey’s leader and the ruling party. With its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood and support for Hamas, the AK Party, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is a reactionary far-right religious party that has sought to transform Turkey into an authoritarian one-party state, while backing extremist groups in places like Syria.

It has sought to take on an “Islamic” leadership role, not only backing Islamist groups but also championing “Islamic” causes. As part of this, the Palestinians loom large, and support for Hamas is part of that cause. However, despite Ankara’s obsessive anti-Israel policies, such as comparing Israel to Nazi-era Germany and hosting top-level Hamas terrorists who plotted attacks on Israel from Turkey, there has been a constant lobby to restore Turkey-Israel relations.