Is Time Travel Impossible?


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I think time travel to the past is not feasible. Not to change the subject and I can't remember where it is in scripture but I was telling my husband, "look up at the sky" and I said that blue no man can ever go all the way up there because there is a "sheet (4 corners) and the earth and galaxies are below. So my point is that a nano second is already the past and we cannot fathom, or even imagine the depths of what Our God is like in entirety.

Like last night, I said "God, I cannot imagine you ever having a beginning." Sometimes I say even nothingness is something. It's kind of hard to explain what I'm trying to say but time travel is impossible because when we are born again we have been cleansed of our sins and going backwards (looking back like Lot's wife) we will be destroyed.


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The world, mankind, everything in the universe ~ including the concept of time ~ are far more complicated than man's feeble brain is able to comprehend in this fallen world. I believe God allows us a very small peek into His magnificent creations, but when we get to heaven and He reveals all to us, we'll be shocked at how little we really knew before we were in our glorified bodies.


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Time Travel or Time Machine will not allow or forbid by God because God's Authority. It is kind of Above or Break Law ...… Kind of my understand...