Is Time Travel Impossible?

Rocky Rivera

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Short answer? No. Time travel is not impossible. We travel through time, albeit in only the forward direction, one second at a time. Travelling to the distant future in a short period of time is possible, but not with current technology. Applying Einstein's theory of relativity, if we were to travel at the speed of light to a great distance from Earth, upon our return we would discover that though we perceived our total travel time to be less than a few hours, we would be shocked to learn that years had transpired on Earth. This effect is called time dilation. But travel to the past? Einstein was once asked this question, and he postulated that if we could exceed the speed of light, we could travel back to the past.

However, I believe it is impossible on several counts. For example, angel beings I believe can actually exceed the speed of light quite easily. Yet, they have no means of undoing the past. Even if you reason that they can but they are not allowed, remember that certain angels -- particularly those of the fallen order -- may wish to return to the past before they made the wrong decision. Thus, it is made absolutely impossible.

Another is that all creatures must exist IN TIME. Picture the entire cosmos wrapped in a "bubble" of time. In order to travel to the past, the creature must exit this "bubble", somehow navigate to different coordinates around the bubble, then reenter it at the desired location. But if a creature (angel or otherwise) or any created thing were to exit time, they would cease to exist. A physical creature occupies space, and any kind of movement within that space requires time. For a physical creature, to exit time means the absolute cessation of all movement without and within. Also, removing something from within time means removing it entirely from the time-space continuum. It would be as if that thing never existed in the first place.

Even if we wanted to entertain the Einsteinian theory and attempt faster-than-light travel, the amount of energy required to even accelerate a living organism to approach light speed would require a power source equivalent to several galaxies!

Biblically, God says that He alone knows the end from the beginning. And.. the books were written... what this means is that everything done has been recorded, and is an IMMUTABLE record. Therefore, it also means that no one -- human or angel -- will ever travel back to the past.


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God created time and He is outside of the time we understand. He created math, science, and measurements for us to understand order and systems and patterns. The time we know is like a string of a certain length. We can only go forward on it, although God is above, forward, behind, all around, etc., simultaneously.

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What about that youtube bloke who said is stuck in this world but is from another time period AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
People do those videos for Youtube views and money. In order to bait people into viewing them, and eventually subscribing, the videos must be sensational and / or entertaining.

But even if you believe that sort of thing, we must weigh their statements against God's Word which says that God alone (and nobody else, by conjecture) can tell the end from the beginning. Also, "and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works."(Revelations 20:12). Bringing out the books implies that there is an immutable record of all that has been done. No one has altered it at all, so no time travel.

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I know time travel is not possible, but if it were I would go back to when Jesus was alive and would have listened to his preaching and sermons. It would be awesome to hear and see Jesus in person and to be one of the multitudes to worship Him.
You know, I've often wondered what that would be like -- to meet Jesus the Christ face to face! Someday we'll know firsthand the feeling of worshipping Him, being embraced by Him, and being engaged with Him in real-time conversation. I've imagined going back in time just to do that, but I also thought that if were to make the jump to the past just to see Him, we'd probably exchange a few words and then He'd tell me, "But now it's time for you to go back to your own time", then walk me a few paces and before two minutes have passed I would find myself in my own living room and back in my own time! I'd look behind me and see Jesus against a backdrop of ancient Jerusalem. He waves His hand in farewell just before the scene disappears and I'm left with nothing around me but the trappings of my ordinary life I've become so familiar with. I think He would do just that before I have any chance of messing up the past.

I also imagined what if I were to travel back in time to the Garden of Eden -- before Adam and Eve sinned? What if I warned them about the Tempter and his strategy -- and tell Adam that he must stand up for his wife and prepare telling the serpent off? What if I were to bring a weapon with me so that I can "kill" the serpent just when Satan is attempting to tempt them? The thing is, this is the distant past so it's highly likely Satan's snake form just might be a titanoboa! Or, what if I were to tell Adam and Eve to destroy the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I mean, God only said they couldn't eat its fruit, but He did not make any prohibitions against destroying the tree. What would happen to the timeline -- and the human race -- if they did destroy the tree?
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It's one of my thoughts/fantasy/ponderings that, in eternity, we'll be allowed to venture into the past and live through events. Not sure about affecting the outcomes, although that would be cool. I love history and I would very much like to be part of historical events. The bible says that we can't even fathom what God has prepared for us, so allowing us to view/experience even change the past and see the results would be easy for God.


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In Malachi 3:6 God says "I am the LORD, I change not." I have no doubt that we cannot go back. We absolutely could not change a thing. IF we could, then we make God out to be some whimsical deity, always changing his mind, AND worse than that...a liar.


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Time is a concept we humans see in a linear manner. The future has not yet happened. The past has happened and the present is now happening. To us time moves in a straight line from past to future.
God knows what will happen in the future. I dont believe in predestination but I do believe God knows everything that will happen.
God exists outside of our time and space. And angels have more powers than we humans do.
Our human brains have limitations that prevent us from understanding the way time works to God. I'm hoping my eternal body wont have bursitic hips and that some of my present brain limitations will be lifted. Maybe then time travel will begin to make sense.