Is this the year for the big one?


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I wasn't seeing maps like this before at that sight. Maybe there are different settings? Oh well. One last time in the avatar. That site is a new and valuable resource for me. Thanks guys.
For you and all the quake buffs in this thread, I listened to something really fun and fascinating this afternoon. Sci Friday with Derek & Sharon Gilbert on Sky Watch TV found on you tube for today's show were discussing that very thing you were referring to, namely the shock wave from a quake on one side of the globe affecting the other side of the planet. It had a special scientific name which I promptly forgot.

Apparently the scientists have been studying this wave, and they've used it to map out some unusual features on the inside of our planet's core. Which the scientists named THE BLOB. So of course Sharon and Derek were having some fun referring to the old Sci Fi classic movie and also it's remake "The Blob". Quite apart from the jokes, it was really fun listening to the whole thing. Leaving aside any speculative stuff,-- fair warning, there was a little bit of that, just fast forward thru it--the "BLOB" is actually BLOBS, and one is near Hawaii in the Pacific, the other underneath Africa and they look like giant mountains (I think the Gilberts said 100 times the height of Everest) and the reason they found them

is because they get in the way of the wave pattern generated by the earthquake as it travels thru the earths core and shake the other side of the planet.

Anyway I thought you might like it along with @chaser, and @Kaatje and the rest of us regulars here on the thread.
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