Is this the year for the big one?


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According to science our magnetic pole has shifted multiple times during Earth's history. Right now our north magnetic pole is moving fairly rapidly. The magnetic pole is caused by huge iron deposits. And movement of these iron deposits has also been blamed for increased earthquake activity. These iron deposits are liquid due to high temps in the Earth's core. And it appears they are on the move worldwide.
Our magnetic field deflects a bunch of harmful radiation including ultraviolet.
A pole shift will move the magnetic pole from the North Pole to the South Pole. The problem with this is the shift doesn't happen overnight. It may take a year or more to complete the shift. And during this year the Earth's protection against UV light is greatly diminished. Many thousands of people and way more animals will die during the shift.
To me this is one more sign we are in End Times and the Tribulation is getting closer.
RFers, times a gittin short.
Does this mean that the antarctic will be at the north pole now and arctic at the south pole?


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I see it was a 3.8 , what did it feel like?
It felt like a helicopter landed on the building without a helipad to support it, if that makes sense. It was pretty loud. You could see the building shake and the things in the building shake with it.


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LJ86, when the magnetic poles reverse the land remains the same. Antarctica will still be land and the North Pole will still be ice. Compasses will point south instead of north. I don't think this will affect GPS any. The worst side effect is the loss of magnetic field during the switch and humans and animals getting scorched by UV rays.