Is this the year for the big one?


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chaser, I just went to the global incident web site. Within the past 2 hours there were 30 quakes reported in Cal, Alaska and Nevada. That is one quake every 4 minutes. None of these were big boys but is it my imagination or are things heating up?
It seems to me California is registering the most activity with the majority of the action being in the 1.0-3.0 category with a few that are bigger, on some days they register hundreds of quakes under 2.0 , there must be a multitude of seismic sensors throughout the state.


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Approximately 25 or so quakes in the last couple hours, most of them in California. A month or so ago I checked frequency and there were over a hundred in few hours, most were small. How big do the quakes have to be in order to feel them, just guessing but maybe 3.0 ?? When a big truck goes up the street we feel the rumble, not sure what that would register on the seismic scale.


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How big do the quakes have to be in order to feel them, just guessing but maybe 3.0 ??
I googled your question Al, and it turns out you were pretty close. The so-called "experts" seem to think 2.5 is pretty much the lowest quake a person would feel. But, there are zillions of variables ranging from the distance to the quake, to how sensitive the person is who felt it, to feeling stuff like that. And how many others felt it, to what were they all doing at the time they felt it.
Short answer, "God only knows."


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I checked the global incident map just now and there 21 quakes within the past 2 hours in Cal, Nevada and Alaska. None of these were huge but some were magnitude 4 and greater.
I checked the same thing on Monday night and there were 30 reported in 2 hours.
I'm getting more and more suspicious that something big may be about to go down.


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Yes, these small earthquakes have always been very common to California and Alaska............ I'm not familiar with Nevada.
It is said that the small quakes relieve the pressure and lower the chances of big ones, at least for a time.
So, living here, small ones don't bother us and generally, we don't even notice them. They have to get up to a 3.5 to 4.0 to be felt with a few exceptions. It depends on where you are in relationship to the quake's center. I'm not at all concerned with the number of small ones we are having............... par for the course.