Is the Delusion Already Upon Us?…


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I speculate that the Delusion will be multi-faceted: involving space aliens and transhumanism and "eternal life" by uploading your consciousness into a computer. For example, the description of the False Prophet putting an image of the First Beast in the Holy Place is popularly understood as some sort of statue that moves and speaks.

But, what if it is a computer screen showing the image of the beast, who interacts with observers and seems to be the guy who was recently assassinated?

During the Plague of Demonic Locusts, it says that men will seek to die, but be unable to. How does that work? I speculate that the worshippers of the beast have gotten some sort of bionic implants that keep them alive.

Remember the tv show "Knight Rider". The name of the talking car was "K.I.T.T.", but there was a secret prototype named "K.A.R.R.", the difference being that Kitt's programming was to keep the driver safe at all costs, while Karr's was to keep itself safe at all times, which Michael Knight (the driver, played by David Hasselhoff) used to defeat the "evil" Karr.

I bring it up as an example for my speculation; whatever implants people get (which is as likely to be demonic possession disguised as technology) keep the hosts from committing suicide.

Darwinism is pseudoscientific flapdoodle, but it is the most popular alternative to Scriptural truth in the West. There is already a push for taking humanity "to the next evolutionary level", and some stories claim that space aliens are living among us, and waiting for the proper time to teach humankind how to make that jump. It seems that the Harpazo will be explained as those of us who are unable to make this transition being removed to be reeducated. Or, possibly, it might be said that we actually had it right, and that we disappeared because we ascended to the next level, and that the beast has the plan for the rest of humanity to join us. Our adversary does like to mix truth and lies when deceiving people.
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In addition to a delusional mind for the unsaved another of Gods promises is found in Romans 1:28 which says; " And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,God gave them over to a "reprobate mind", to do those things which are not convenient". A reprobate mind is a mind that can't think or reason logically in their OWN BEST INTEREST. I think we all can see this happening every day by intelligent people . So yes,I believe God has already started the end times count-down according to His prophetic word.

In closing, if you read Romans 1: 21-32 you will see it describe exactly the condition of our world today..