Is Israel being blessed by God while the rest of the world is being cursed?


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Have you ever been going along and then it hits you Hey, the world is being plagued by pestilence, floods, earthquakes, diseases, etc, etc lately BUT ISRAEL. WOW,, It just hit me yesterday when I was liistening to Frank Dimora on his video over and over reading out headlines on all these disasters..

Israel is being Blessed while the world is being cursed--nations I might say more properly

Israel-Central Israel Oil Discovery-1.5 Billion barrels--this was about a year ago and NOW they've discovered more

Israel discovers natural gas, is oil far behind?

I don't even think Israel is in Debt but the rest of the world is..?

The rest of the world over and over more than a dozen articles i think were read one disaster after another

It's astounding

Just some thoughts that hit me yesterday as very interesting:thinking:
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