Is Iraq really on the verge of a coup? - analysis


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Is Iraq really on the verge of a coup? - analysis
Iraq’s overall trajectory is not toward a coup, but toward more weakening of the center – and there is no recipe to strengthen and stabilize the country.
Published: AUGUST 1, 2022

Iraq is being plunged into chaos by mass protests that have taken over parliament. But it’s not clear whether this chaos is the fault of the protesters or the corrupt politicians, many of them backed by Iran, who have hollowed out and weakened their country and failed its people.

There are many different narratives in this respect. One argues that Muqtada al-Sadr and his supporters, who are protesting, are embarking on a kind of “coup.” But they might argue that it is the militias, many backed by Iran, that have crushed protesters for years and have essentially led a coup against the government.

There are other issues at stake. The Kurdistan Regional Government has a dispute with Baghdad over energy sales. The autonomous region has also been targeted by Iranian-backed militias and their rockets and drones. The militias have also targeted Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, as well as US and Turkish forces. Meanwhile, Turkish forces have increased their attacks on northern Iraq, killing tourists.