Is Iran's IRGC falling apart from the inside? - analysis


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Is Iran's IRGC falling apart from the inside? - analysis
The problem for Iran is not whether this is true, but whether the perception of the truth of Iran’s internal chaos is now emboldening more chaos.
Published: JUNE 27, 2022

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is reportedly cleaning house after a series of intelligence failures, including IRGC officers who have been assassinated in Iran, or died under mysterious circumstances, becoming “martyrs” in the terminology of the Iranian regime. The IRGC is now toppling its own in a mini-purge that could be part of rivalries or an internal coup, or simply be the need to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

What is the reason for these “sudden” dismissals? That was the question asked at Al-Ain media in the Gulf this week. “A wide wave of dismissals hit the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the most prominent of which was the overthrow of the intelligence chief, Hossein Taeb, against the background of semi-official reports about the penetration and influence of the Israeli Mossad within its units,” Al-Ain reported.

Taeb was removed last week, according to reports. The “hard-line cleric was the intelligence chief of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the elite branch of the armed forces, for over a decade,” Radio Free Europe reported.