Is Iran building another 'stealth' missile boat? - analysis


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Is Iran building another 'stealth' missile boat? - analysis
Published: JULY 2, 2022

Iran may be slightly increasing its naval threats to the region by building a new missile boat, which appears to be under construction, according H.I. Sutton at USNI News. Sutton also writes at the website Covert Shores where he is an expert on naval issues. “A new vessel has been observed under construction in Iran,” according to satellite imagery, the article says.

This isn’t the first vessel of this type Iran has rolled out. Sutton detailed another 65 meter catamaran-type vessel launched last July. It was also a large stealthy design. This current vessel is being built at a shipyard on the island of Qeshm. There are other vessels visible in the images. The new Iranian stealth ship building was noticed by UAE media which highlighted the story. This shows that the new ship is of importance to Gulf states that are concerned about Iran destabilizing the region.